If you press alt to dash the game will freeze. So don't press alt. Alternatively, there is a PC download available if you really want the dash mechanic. 


Place raw foods in the central pot, wait for it to cook and then deliver it to waiting customers. Make sure you deliver exactly what customers are asking for! And be careful, customers are impatient!

Players are tasked with cooking raw ingredients in a large hot pot and delivering them in a timely fashion to impatient customers.

The intent of this project was to develop a simple, small-scope game that was achievable within a 12-week timeline laden with additional responsibilities (we were all college students). 

Our artists were relatively new to 3D art, so this was also an opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in that field. 


Wenley Shen

Modeling, Animation, Texturing
Amy Jeong
Katherine Wang
Yejin Han

David Hong

Sound Design
Gregory Osborne

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorsWenley, Kotocca
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Cooking, Cute


HotPot_PC.zip 38 MB

Development log


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I love it.I have a bit of problemI love it.I have a bit of picking up ingredients from the side (near hands)It's really entertain to play. sometimes ingredients flew out of my hand on it's own. Anyways, amazing fun game ! 


This is so incredible. Kudos to the group. The only problem I have is that some times I can't grab the ingredients no matter how much I smash the button next to the plate, and it's so frustrating the hands get in the way at times - the hands even don't let me get close to some of the ingredients at the far end some times. It feels like it needs a last polish game-wise, but at least, in design and visuals, it's astounding.

From the looks and sounds, it seems very well made and bonus points for the funny sound effect when a customer doesn't get the right things. Actually, I heard that sound a lot first, until I read other parts of the description than just briefly the controls. There was one situation when I got stuck between two hands, not that there's usually any need to go behind any of the plates, but I did.

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