Use A and D to move left or right. 

Use W to jump.

When airborne, move into inked fish tanks to grip onto them. While gripping, press W to wall jump.

Use the mouse to aim and click to shoot ink. (Careful, you have a limited amount of ink per level!)

Shoot ink onto water tanks to solidify them so you can stand on them. If you don't, you will fall straight through!  Be quick, ink will slowly drip off platforms!

Touching sea urchins will kill you and restart the level. 

Pufferfish are safe, but will act like sea urchins when inked.

Press R to Restart the level.

Press Esc for Menu.


A puzzle platformer inspired by Korean fish markets. Players control Granny in her quest to obtain high quality fish. She must use the ink of her pet squid Squirtsworth to help navigate an environment of slippery fish tanks. 

This game was developed as part of Brown/RISD Game Developers, a student game development organization run by students at Brown University and RISD, with occasional audio contributions provided by students at Berklee College of Music. 

Development took place over the course of 12 4 hour weekly meetings, including one 8 hour mini-game jam, totaling 24 hours. 


Dayton Wilson
Rylee Shumway
Wenley Shen

Ashley Kim
Fawn Tong
Heidi Erwin
Leon Lei

Assets and Animation
Amy Jeong
Grace Bright
Isaiah Gernhardt
Odino Tso

Gregory Osborne

Sound Design
Sungha Hong

Made withUnity

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